The Truth and Us

The Truth will be revealed to those who are in pursuit of it.  It cannot be changed nor hidden.  At times we just refuse to acknowledge it for outwardly gains. But the truth stands there embedded in time waiting to be uncovered by those in pursuit of it. The Truth about who we are, what we are and where we are destined to go from here. The Truth will reveal how miniscule we are in comparison to the Universe. The Truth reveals our inner self.  And that is exactly who we fear ……our TRUE self.

The Spark Within You

The true diamonds lie in stones waiting to be noticed and polished till they sparkle in all their glory. But do we give a chance to all our diamonds to shine out? We are so blinded by our own notions and perceptions that we turn away from the sparkle of our diamonds and just focus on the gloomy dusty surroundings that prevail. We are all creations of a mighty,inexplicable power and we all have a spark of that power within us. We manifest that spark in different ways. But as humans we have become adept at manipulating and classifying the spark rather than appreciating it in all its glory. This has been the greatest of all downfalls of humankind.

Are You Metacognitive Ready?

Are you aware when your pulse races, your heart beats faster and you have a surge of energy which is probably taking over your voluntary and involuntary systems? No, I am not talking of love but our tempers and our reactions. In an instant, from nothing to everything gets absorbed into its madness. Two main reasons come to my mind for such an experience to overcome us. Firstly, it is preconceived. Simply putting it, I have pre decided on getting angry to teach a lesson or prove my prowess. Secondly, I am unaware of it creeping upon my systems. It reflects one’s low metacognitive skills. Metacognition is the ability to identify one’s feelings, strengths and weaknesses to control and use them in a beneficial way. High metacognitive skills is an indicator for academic and social success. It can be inculcated in children and adults alike. Metacognition develops a huge sense of awareness within oneself. It helps control the manner in which we exhibit our reactions. It is through this sense of awareness that we can achieve success.

Accountability and us.

Accountability is a huge word especially in terms of responsibility. I stand accountable for my contribution to society through my children. Society will become what it will on the basis of our contribution. Many rivers together meet to become a sea. But even if one river is polluted, it can pollute the rest quickly. We calculate noise pollution, water pollution and sound pollution but is there any way to calculate emotional and moral pollution that one contributes to society? There is no check, no calculated figure on the one thing that kills us and demonises our society on a daily basis. It is only through moral and social responsibility that we can cleanse our society. Stand accountable for your contributions to society, it speaks on your behalf.

How safe am I?

How safe am I? A brush here. A nudge there. For how long will our girls be safe on the streets of a city we call our home? Who is responsible for our crumbling values? As a society we have given more importance to numbers on a paper called “report card” but cared less for instilling the core values. The change has to come through you and me. Through education and the home environment. We consider ourselves a highly advanced society. May I ask highly advanced in what? Low morality, low mentality, low self-esteem are the highlights of our generation. The “killer instinct” has taken over us all. If we want our daughters to be safe we need to teach our sons to respect women. We educate our children to be successful bread winners but poor ethic managers. We need, not only to rethink our aims and goals of education but put them into action.